Technically, it is just another lazy Sunday. I have the day off, before the long stretch begins. We were supposed to have our Christmas party today though and I had planned to go to church, but we are snowed in. I feel trapped.

I did get my drive shoveled out though. I hired a couple guys to take care of it all winter. God bless men with sturdy backs and determined spirits. My mother doesn't understand why I tipped them $40., for the whole winter. If I could afford more I would pay more. What is $120. to not have to worry about the snow. It is someone else's job and I don't have to fight the kids to help with it. I am already fighting them to do their chores and walk the dog. I can't handle more right now.

I wanted to move away just to avoid the snow. Depression was sinking in and making me desperate. I even contemplated that if only I had a man to take care of me. I laugh at that now. I am perfectly capable of being alone and being happy. What I really need is more money. That way I can hire someone to do those little things I could use help with.

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