My Celtic music swap was sent out awhile ago. I just haven't posted here for awhile. First is a scrabble bracelet with scenes from Ireland, it spells sailing on the back. It was inspired by Beyond the Sea by Celtic Women. I also made a jewelry pouch with the lyrics; Sailing, somewhere beyond the Sea.
Then I was inspired by Kate Rusby's Awkward Annie. I decided to have a little fun with that. I made bookends from fairy doors and added gifts to the doorsteps.
On one door step I placed a hen and the other I placed a hare in a wooden crate I made. Not easy.
I also added notes from the lyrics: Annie let me in, I gave you a hen, you gave it back again without its eggs, my Annie; Annie let me in, I gave you a hare, you gave it no care, now it has no leg my Annie; I also sent a pig with a rope leash for the lines, I gave you a pig that wasn't very big, now it's meat's all black, my Annie.
I made two journals, because you can't have bookends without books. With a scrap from one of the journals I made a scrabble charm and put it on a brown cord.
I also threw in some tea with lemon honey spoons, some yummy chocolate, and a shawl/scarf that I did not get a picture of. It was camel colored wool with blue green fringe and matching crocheted flower pin.
My favorite was the bookends as they were fun and interactive.


Next I sent out the coffee/tea lovers swap. My partners kitchen is done in red and black, and she loves tea cup.


I also sent out my fairytale swap package. If she hasn't received it yet she will soon.

I am hoping to start receiving packages soon, myself. I have received a few atc's and Alex has received two earring sets.

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