When I came home today, I found that someone had been there rifling through my stuff. Alex and Charles are at church camp this week. I had noted that the kids had been playing with the boy there are forbidden to be around. He actually called right before I left for work and asked for Charles. I informed him that all the kids would be away at camp for a week, just a small lie. I had Danny staying with Joyce last night. I guess he decided that since no one was going to be home, he could come in and make himself at home. Apparently there is nothing the police can do.  I can't prove it was him. He did not take anything. He just rifled through my stuff and unpacked and unwrapped a swap package I had ready to send to someone.

I was hoping they would have moved by now. How pleasant can it be for five people to share a one bedroom hotel suite? Maybe it is time for me to move. I have been considering it for awhile now.

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