I am trying to get some work done while I can. Just as we are just starting to somewhat  recover at work, we have a few part timers covering for the staff member we lost, we are down one more person. She is on bed rest then maternity leave. I hope everything goes fine and that the baby waits a while longer. This does mean it is going to be busy.

I did manage to get the windows and a/c covered. It feels slightly warmer. The door is still drafty. The plants are all inside and the patio furniture is mostly picked up. But at this very moment my closet rod has been pulled down and the support needs to be reattatched, so that we can go back to tackling the laundry. Then, hopefully I can finish the squash and pumpkins for winter use. I am trying to take deeep breaths, but still rather stressed. I still need to take Danny home and nee

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