Rev. Peterson's statements has offended a large number of women with his "truth." I watched the following video expecting to see an ignorant, angry man spouting garbage. What I saw was a calm man trying to politely express his thoughts. I can see why he has followers, he is passionate about the worlds problems. Unfortunately, his logic is flawed.

He states that women have "no shame" and thus are spreading evil. I agree that promiscuity is a large problem in the world. I believe that as a  "good father" God made the commandments to protect us. I believe that "adultery" or premarital sex has more consequences than just physically. I believe that it cuts away at your self esteem and can cause emotional injury as well. However, I also feel he is delusional in thinking we can go back to the way things were. You cannot trounce on the rights of others or have double standards.

Promiscuity is not an invention of women. Men have often away with it in other times and cultures where it is forbidden to women. Unfortunately, women tend to get the blame for that as well. Men can't help themselves when tempted by forbidden fruit. Yet again we are made evil. When a woman is raped, it is because she did something to ask for it. The men, and I use the term loosely, who think this way need to take responsibility for their actions.

He uses his grandparents as an example of how "crazy, emotional, and unfit for reasoning" women are. His grandfather instructs him that his grandmother is crazy when she talks. He doesn't give accurate examples so I can only assume she said  something disagreeable. Perhaps she was talking about voting.

This just  expresses how flawed his reasoning is to me. We both express dissatisfaction with the way things are going in the world. Where he wants to stifle women and put them back into their place, I would like to see relationships with mutual respect and a desire to see each other happy. When both parties are thinking of the others needs there is a stronger bond. If there is hope for that union, then perhaps it is worth waiting for.

When it is one sided, there is subservience. Too often they stop at "women obey your husbands" and forget "men honor your wives". Honor your wives, cherish them because they are a gift. When Adam was alone in the garden, he grew lonely. God made Eve as a comfort, not a servant.

As I woman am I led by my emotions? Yes, love. But we are taught to "love our neighbor" and "judge not, lest ye be judged". So if I chose a candidate because he has strong family values, he is concerned with the same issues I feel strongly about, and he is not led by hate; that should not make me incompetent to vote.

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