For my first attempt at brewing I purchased a kit from The Brooklyn Brew Shop. They prepackage all grain kits for one gallon brewing. After starting my wine i wanted to try something that finishes earlier, but I wanted to stick with the same size equipment.

You can find the recipe in their Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Book, by Erica Shea, Jennifer Fiedler, and Stephen Valand. Or you can purchase  complete kit or ingredient kit at

I tried to follow the instructions exactly. i did have trouble keeping the temp exact during the mash. I also realized that I did not have any brown sugar. I only had raw sugar. I looked up the conversion rate and the raw sugar converted to slightly under 1/3 cup.

I did take the gravity measurement before adding the yeast. It was 1.062, I am not sure if that is good for a stout. I need to get another book. I will find out in four weeks.

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