While I enjoy crochet, I have decided to learn a couple new fiber arts that are more period appropriate. First, I decided to try nalbinding. I decided I needed the proper tools to start. I made three functional needles, and sliced my thumb. It did want to bleed, so I decided to start my first attempt at nalbinding for the next day.

Not fully knowing what I was doing, I proceded to start the following day. I used inexpensive yarn as I knew I was likely to produce a tangled mess. I managed to start and continued on until I realized the stitches were much too loose. I studied my guide once more and adjusted my stitch. Suddenly, my stitches tightened. I had let my enthusiasm get the best of me by hoping that perhaps I could indeed make a hat with my first try. As the stitches tightened it drew in the sides so I attempted to increase and produced a ruffle. Any hopes of producing a decent hat were dashed, so I finished off the strand to see what I had.

It was not a hat, unless it were for a tiny head. I tried gathering the sides and decided it would make a workable pouch. Just not for coins and small bits. Perhaps if I had used wool as is traditionally done, I could have felted it to something more functionable.

Later as I was looking through my yarn, I came across a pair of knitting needles. I bought them intending to teach myself how to knit. It seems to be going better than the nalbinding.

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