I heard some news recently about a young kid who made my life hell for awhile. He was recently stabbed while entering someones home to rob them. He will recover, but he likely will go to prison for this. I always claimed things would catch up to him someday and he would end in jail. Partly I feel justified, that he finally will have to take responsibility for his actions. He broke into my apartment, harassed my daughter, and repeatedly caused damage to my apartment. I often noted a violent streak with the boys as well. He pulled a knife when they refused to play a game he wanted to play and if they beat him at a game he would physically pick them up and throw them outside. He and another boy would shoot cars and people with a BB gun or chase them with a 2x4.

There is another part that remembers a young friend who I tried to mentor. Seven years ago this friend was the same age as the other young man. At the age of nineteen he was killed; stabbed over drug money. It was so pointless. He thought he had to be this tough guy. 

It is hard for me to forgive, when I went through so much to get this new tough guy out of my boys' lives. It was not until he and the boys were arrested for playing with fire I was finally able to make that happen. There was a court order to keep them apart for six moths and his mother rewarded him with a car. After that he was someone else's problem. Finally they moved away as well. Still it is another pointless loss of a future.

Last week the pruning knife and pocket knife for Charles came in the mail. Charles liked both knives and I mentioned to Matt that he would almost like a collection of knives. Matt's brother also collects knives, but of a different sort. Seth likes knives that look dangerous, combat knives. Charles likes knives that are utilitarian, beautiful, and have a bit of history. His knife is a magnum by Boker. You can find the history on Boker here. It is a quality knife that can hold a fine edge, the bolsters are engraved, and the Damascus blade is ornate and uses a technique that was used for over a thousand years. Of course you can't have a collection with just one knife. He has his eye on a katana.

Halloween busted my budget this year. Initially we had big plans for a party. I bought supplies started to get excited, then there was a scheduling Hamlet skull which he lost before Halloween. I did find it as I was crawling into bed recently, resting on my pillow. I then had to go shopping again for Danny and my dressmakers dummy. As Charles was waring part of her costume I had to find something else. She became a witch this year burning at the stake. There was a orange flashing light under the sticks. A couple years ago I decided it was more fun to have her wear my costumes. Danny created the graves where the garden use to be.

You can also see the fall bunting I made and the brussel sprouts repotted in th half barrel. I am hoping they make it ok aftr being transplanted. Right when they were just starting to show signs of producing they had to be relocated. I couldn't risk an early snow with the bed in place. It would hamper snow removal. Last year I got the arbor moved just in time. If I had waited another week I would never have gotten the car out from under that mess.
I managed to take Alex and Charles to get hair cuts yesterday. Charles really tested her skills. He wanted a mokawk with an arrow in the front. It is a Last Airbender thing that the stylist named an arrowhawk. After that I decided to get a start on alex's senior pictures. we cut it close, the sun set as we were driving home.  Updated with more pics.
Have fun!
Thank you, to my sister Joyce for doing the hair.