I have been busy lately. When Alex moved out i decided it was time to shake things up. I started in her room, packing clothes, bagging trash. I barely made a dent when my sister, Donna came for a visit. We had a nice time although brief. It felt like it was over before it started.

Then my washer flooded, which happens to be in the same room I am trying to clean out. I am making some headway with the laundry which felt insurmountable even before it was a soggy mess. Perhaps if I had more help like I had asked? Pointless to go there. I am trying to depend less on the kids.

Why am I depending less on them when things seem so out of control? Because when I depend on them to help it doesn't get done. I remind them again, still it isn't done then we both dig in our heals. If I am in the mind set that I am on my own, perhaps more will get done. Hence the shaking things up.

I am also trying to declutter, but that takes time. I have so many clothes that don't fit. I have been gaining weight again. Yea, me. I sent some scrubs to a pregnant coworker. Yes, I just admitted my too small scrubs are perfect for a developing baby belly. So I have my clothes, Alex's clothes she didn't want, her friends clothes all have to go. I was putting some off as they needed washed to donate and I didn't want to toss the good stuff. With everything a mess I am washing indiscriminately and tossing what is left. I still have to finish sorting the clean so it is on
Is there one person, who helps things run smoothly, who seems to be the heart of your home? With me working all the time Alex filled that roll. I may have been the idea man and the one with resources to make things happen, but she was my right hand man. She was the helper, I need to find something quick before work, it is her I can depend on. Charles has a hard time getting up inthe morning and she will stay on him until he is up. She was our confidant. With her gone, Charles and I are already struggling. I have all these ideas I want to share, I keep wondering what I am  going to do without her. Charles is no better off. He kept calling her yesterday, hoping she would visit. He had me wake him up this morning, I woke him up and then went back to bed. Later this morning I heard him rushing out, just in time for class, but too late for working the breakfast line.

We both are going to have to make some adjustments. Charles doesn't like to stay home alone while I work nights. I am thinking about getting a cat to keep him company. Until, we figure out the chores I am adjusting the groceries list. Danny however is fine with it, he claimed her room. No more sleeping on th
The kids and I went to the Arboretum two and a half weeks ago. We took pictures of flowers, smelled herbs, and had a good time. I am a little upset and worried that it will be the last of a sort. Since then Sara Beth has returned from the Army and has dominated Alex's attention. It doesn't help that Alex is dating the guy Sara Beth is staying with. She has been coming home to just get clothes, so we got into a fight. If you can call it that. I can't have her partly here, but not following rules or even discussing them. I need her to help out around the house, but my girl is gone.
I have a coworker that is having a baby shower this month. I decided to make onsies with ties. They are very popular on etsy, but I decided to make a gift set with onsie, blanket, and hat. I made a second set without a hat for Cruz. I have a third onsie that may get listed in my shop as soon as I make a hat and blanket.
I had a bushel of delicious, ripe peaches. We ate as many as we wanted, froze some, and made this torte. I have since made another torte and we have eaten all the frozen peaches which were as good as they were fresh. I shared the second torte with some coworkers, who also enjoyed it. I said the secret was the peaches, but it part it was how they were prepared. They were not adulterated into some tasteless jelly, so you bit into real fruit and a hearty crust.