It took so long to dry all the mint, 2 gal. of dry mint, that I put off doing something with the rhubarb that I had brought home from Mom's. Everyday I looked at it in the fridge and promised it, "soon, I will deal with you soon."
Today I came across a post here. Where she made Rhubarb fizz. I already have some wine working and did not want to start another fermentation.
I decided to make a cordial syrup instead. I can use it with water, carbonated water, or mixed drinks. I decided to make a tart with the leftover pulp. Normally I candy the pieces, but the skinny stalks seemed to reduce to pulp. Mmm, pie.

When I went to pick up Ruben, I decided to grab the mint from my mom's. She has been trying to get rid of it for awhile. I'm drying it for tea. I also decided to pick some rubarb and when I went to the back I found the hanging pot I had given her two years ago. The flowers were long dead, but it was full of moss. I decided to take it, at first I  thought about making a terrerium, but then chose to make a fairy garden.

It isn't finished yet. I plan add a chair and maybe scrolls to the gazebo. I placed asparagus fern in the back for a hedge and ivy in the front drooping over the sides.

Last weekend both Mom and I had to work, so yesterday when she called I ran over to visit. I brought two small bottles of elderberry wine and a bunch of radishes from my garden. I sauteed the radishes and greens with onion then sprinkled with a small amount of bacon bits and Parmesan cheese. We snacked on that with a glass of wine while we waited for dinner to be ready and we searched online for fabric to finish the backing of her i-spy quilt. She was making a small rag quilt for my sister, but then sis wanted a twin size.

Dinner was good, she made a mexican casserole that my aunt used to make. It was fun working in the kitchen together, eating and visiting. We never did find the fabric she wanted,
I am still working on the cork board. As I find corks hiding here and there I add them to my board. At one time we had enough for three boards.

I finally made my tree hugger bag. I received a hand towel that was made from recycled materials and had a green slogan on it. I knew it was destined to become a pillow or a tote bag. I do love my tote bags. I  had a tree sampler from a few years ago that I thought would be nice on a journal or bag, so I combined them along with a costume skirt to make my bag.

I received an extra hammock frame so I thought I would do a little destashing and make a hammock to go with it. Unfortuately, the fabric was in storage. I did find an old curtain while searching for the rope. The rope was from an old foot stool. I combined them to make a recycled hammock.
This is the swap that started all the bento love. The pink with monkey items are what I sent, the yellow black items are what I receieved. I had originally planned to send some of the items that I had ordered as well, but they took too long getting here. I will give them as easter gifts to my nieces and nephews. although I admit to hoarding most of the loot.
Spring is here and we have been very busy. Over spring break we did a little gardening, put together our new patio furniture, and hosted a family BBQ. We managed to get some large items to the dump, cleaned the house (not that you can tell), and went to see a couple movies and activities.

I have also been very busy helping the kids prepare for the prom, planning Danny's graduation party and his moving, and planning for our family vacation and the kids camp.

To finish Alex's prom look we have determined a nail polish style, I also made her corsage and a crochet shrug. Her dress (and spring) have also inspired some painted pottery that we made on an outing. Alex chose a cup and saucer to drink coffee from. I made a robins egg as a keepsake for her and painted some bud vases to represent tulip/bulbs. i thought they could also be used as egg cups for Easter.
It still needs a zipper and buttons, then hemmed and maybe a shrug. If I can handle it. My crappy sewing skill are stressing me out.