We had a nice dinner over at Matt and Alex's. I did the cooking and Matt did the cleaning. It was very pleasant and tasty. I picked up a local ham, plus we had a deep fried turkey breast from Sam's club. Both were simple to prepare. We had roasted brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, and acorn squash soup. We almost forgot the stuffing, luckily they had boxed.  Alex helped with the potatoes and I showed her how to make the apple tart for desert.  I felt bad about the dishes, but Alex said he enjoyed having us over.

Thanksgiving is over and thousands of people are out getting bargains. My family included. Alex is helping hold line for Joyce and Grandma. I don't do the whole midnight thing. I don't let sales tell me what I need. I buy what I need when I can afford it. I left the boys to keep Matt company while I dropped off Alex and took some food home. After a big family day, it is strange being alone. I almost feel like I am waiting for Alex to come home as well, but she doesn't live here.

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving and find the bargains you are hoping
I decided to try my hand at atc's again. This time I am only claiming a new one after I have finished the previous claim. Otherwise, I get stressed trying to decide what to make. So far I have made a curves theme (abstract water color with a vellum overlay), two circus theme ( rubber stamp and collage, one with action) that have to go all the way to Norway, and a forest creature theme (punch and cuttings with multiple materials).
Charles joined the Robotics club. He still goes to Pokemon club and keeps his grades up too. I will have to save any pics until after any competitions. It looks pretty cool to me though.
I decided to clean out my closet, everything was too small. I donated most to Goodwill or at least put it in my trunk so that I can donate it. there were several sweaters I saved. I had seen these frankensweaters on etsy that cost a small fortune. I could get a cheep used car for that price. They are amazing and she does very well at it. I decided to try my hand at it. I really didn't know where to start, so I started at the seams. Cutting everything into parts. I think I used about seven sweaters to make these two. They are as long or as nice as the ones online, but we are happy. I gave the blue/green one to Alex after I put a zipper into it.

Thanks to the boys for modeling them for me.
Hot wings stripped and stuffed into small pumpkins before baking. It was a little messy to prep, but simple and tasty. The pumpkin pared well with the spicy chicken.
My family loves to get together and we will use any excuse. Mom made taco salads, I made stuffed pumpkins, Becky brought the baby, and Joyce bought the dogs. All the kids were there, except Charles. He stayed home to give out treat. I try to buy fun treats each year and no one comes. But you never know, he did get one little girl from next door.

The rest of us had a great time. The kids were wild, I cuddled the baby. Alex showed up late with Matt in tow. We ate, we stole candy from the kids, and we fed the dog and salad bits we dropped.