I did something different this year. We had roasted deer meat and potatoes instead of the traditional turkey and mashed potatoes. I made a morel mushroom gravy and my sisters cranberry relish to serve with it. This year it seams I wasn't as on top of things we forgot to turn on the green bean casserole. I guess we will eat it later, we did have the acorn squash soup for a vegetable though.


Out with the Old, In with the New

Here is my old car going away. I feel that I stepped up with the new car. Not only do all the doors and latches seem not to be falling off, it has a few perks like a heated leather drivers seat, traction control, and cruise control. I am still trying to decide if I should put the dvd stereo system in. The factory installed is larger and it would leave a gap, and the controls on the steering wheel would not function. 


Well, I am finally getting somewhere with my niece and nephews gifts. I made a couple more games and some necklaces. I used the extra pieces to make Alex a bracelet. And I will make the girls some headbands in pink to match the ones I made Alex and I. I decided to keep the scarf for myself as I was thinking of me when I chose the yarn. I will find something else for my sisters.


I have been busy crocheting and found I had some help. Bubba loved the yarn ball he found in my tub.

I started another craft idea. I was inspired by some ball bearings my son found for a gift. I altered it a little to make a card for my mom. It is one of those games where you get the ball in the hole. The message goes on the back. It is also a recycling project. I plan to change up the idea some more and make kits for my nephews for Christmas.


Work has been very busy lately and the house could use a little help. Unfortunately, this weekend has been very busy. Two nights were set aside for the play, I finally woke up for church, and I got sidetracked at my sisters when I went to pick up my son. She has wanted to start scrapbooking and as my mother was there as well she pulled everything out. I think she was asking for advise, but soon we had taken over. She is new to crafting and doesn't have alot of confidence, but I hope we got her started. Of course she sent it with mom saying that she wasn't going to work on it alone. We did get a few cute pages done for one of the albums, she want four done.

Mom and I had a little incident during this. We went to her house to pick up some more supplies. I had parked behind her, we were both distracted and she didn't see my car, and obviously I forgot it was there or I would have moved it before hopping into her truck. Good news her truck is perfectly fine. Bad news is my car may be totaled. Oh, well she bought me the car she can take it away. I think she is stressed about it. If the hood was functionable, I would just forget about it. Sad thing is , if I had been driving, I would have hit it too.

During my down time at work and while waiting for estimates I finished a couple more christmas gifts. I would post pictures, but I don't want anyone to see them yet. I will probably post them on a couple craft sites though.


Here are some pics of the play. Miss Alex did a great job and had alot of fun.


Tonight is Alex's plays opening night. I helped her with her stage make-up. All went well until we had a little incident with the mascara wand and she almost swore off make-up all together. She has never been one to enjoy primping and preening. Her costume was her great uncles military shirt. We replaced the patched to give it more of a bus driver look. The play is a remake of Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Fall of the Usher's." It is called The Usher's a Totally Teen Comedy. She is playing Edgar the bus driver who is tormented by guilt for sabotaging the bus. Unfortunately, I have to work tonight so I will be attending tomorrow nights showing.


I'm spending the day darning socks and listening to Jason Mras on youtube. You just cast help singing to "I'm Yours." He has some other good songs out there. "Halfway Home" is mellow and dreamy.

Normally, I just toss the holey socks and buy more. I am trying to get back to the seamstress roots and join the new/old trend to reuse, remake, recycle. The darning paddle someone gave me helps, but a plastic easter egg can also be used. The form help keep the sock from puckering. You don't want to pull the hole closed, you want to fill the hole with a network of thread weaving in and out. I like to use up all my odd colored threads, although if you match your threads it is less noticeable.

I think I will go eat my lunch of easy beef stroganoff. I had a few leftover meatballs and onion dip than I combined with some homemade noodles.


Halloween was a harried night. Miss A had play practice until five,  pumpkins  needed  carved, costume pieces were missing and everyone needed to be ready by six. Miss A went without the lace partlet and collar to her steampunk  costume. We couldn't find the viking hat for Mister C, and Mister D had lost his costume from last year which he insisted on replaying. We ended up with a couple capes and brown face paint, "not make-up", for his werewolf look.  My niece Miss M decided not to wear the costume I had helped her with, but you can see from the smile on her face as she posed center stage of the group photo, that she was happy and comfortable with what she wore. She got her black and she got her glitz and didn't need a title to her costume. My nephew RJ wore the red and gold night costume and I think he looked great.
Other characters Big R was superman, Little R was elmo, Miss K was Dorothy, the rest were family friends.

Little R had worked up a thirst with all that tricker treating. He had apparently been telling every house, "I tirsty." Lucky for him I was giving out drinks and snacks. He wouldn't even take the candy he only has eyes for the drink.