My herbs seem to be doing great, the tomatoes are starting to produce, root vegetables have been harvested, but the rest are still sluggish.
We are still working on driving and have plans for driver's ed. In the mean time I bought a new scooter. The DMV however is being difficult. First they said she needed a DL to ride a moped, then they said she either needed to take a class or test out. Unfortunately, they don't routinely test for moped skills. I would have to get special permission. HHC is having a class Aug. 20th, two days before she starts college. That seems our best option.

Of course winter will be here before we know it. At that time I will have drive her even if she has her license.
I have been working at identifying more plants, both edible and poisonous. Do not use these pictures as definative identification of plants. These are just example of my attempts of identification. Some I am confident enough to eat others I would be cautious. Always use a reliable field guide. When in doubt leave it be. Not all edible plant taste good either.
I have been painting lately and I have been unsatisfied with as many as I am happy with. The first is the one before the previous three  and inspired them. The second started out as a repainted canvas sing what was left over of the turquiose paint. I then tried to give the flowers dimension by using a thicker application. I wasn't thrilled with it so I bought some heavy body paint in two different brands. I used the red, black, and gray from Images artist Acrylic in the last painting. I also used a small amount of silver by Liquitex. I found Images to be similar consistancy to my regular acrylic paint and had a difficuld time maintaining texture. The Liquitex brand however was quite thick and met my expectations. I then could not find my rubbing paste, so I used a gloss medium mixed with a small amount of the black to add depth to the red. It would have looked better with a rubbing compound as it would have defined the small amount of texture. Also the black looked somewhat grainy in the medium. Which did give more depth, just not what I was hoping for.
I have been wanting to try my hand at painting again. Even though I am very insecure, I do enjoy it. I found my spackle and decided to texturize the canvas before painting. I also finished with a rubbing of brown polish to highlight the texture. The first one I loved the background, but wasn't thrilled with the finished painting. I tried to add flowers and the colors seemed harsh and it was too ameture for my tastes. I then decided to simplify the paintings and focus on the blending. I made a series or collection that I hope work together.




He has been home for about a week now. He still likes to sleep all the time, but he is eating. He is 4 weeks and 6 lbs 4 oz here.
I have decided to list some of my photography. My stepdad Fred, and my sister Joyce, both have been doing this longer than I have. I think I have grown a lot in the last couple years, though. I think the hardest part is putting yourself out there. I keep wanting to retreat and hide it away.