I have been painting lately and I have been unsatisfied with as many as I am happy with. The first is the one before the previous three  and inspired them. The second started out as a repainted canvas sing what was left over of the turquiose paint. I then tried to give the flowers dimension by using a thicker application. I wasn't thrilled with it so I bought some heavy body paint in two different brands. I used the red, black, and gray from Images artist Acrylic in the last painting. I also used a small amount of silver by Liquitex. I found Images to be similar consistancy to my regular acrylic paint and had a difficuld time maintaining texture. The Liquitex brand however was quite thick and met my expectations. I then could not find my rubbing paste, so I used a gloss medium mixed with a small amount of the black to add depth to the red. It would have looked better with a rubbing compound as it would have defined the small amount of texture. Also the black looked somewhat grainy in the medium. Which did give more depth, just not what I was hoping for.

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