I have been working towards this goal for some time. I am doing this to reduce wastes and polution, and to save money. Eco and frugality go hand in hand. It hasn't been easy. I have made a few strides. Last year I made several fabric shopping bags, fabric napkins, and a solar cooker. We also bought water bottles.

Since the kids destroyed their water bottle, I suppose they were only partially effective. The shopping bags are only effective when I remember to use them. Or when the bagger uses them effectively. I had a bagger fill the sturdy cloth bags with chip bags then have to double bag the heavier items. The fabric napkins were great, but they kept getting lost. The solar cooker is great when it is sunny and you have time to watch it.

I have learned a few things. I have decided if I am going to use the fabric napkins, I need a laundry bag just for them. This also helps locate them for pressing. I feel better using them when they are pressed. I do have a cookie jar that they fit in perfectly, so they are always ready to be used.

We will try the water bottles again. Alex and Charles are detassling this year and they will come in handy. I am also using special travel mugs that brew coffee or tea.


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