Over the years I have made or bought handmade items from etsy to personalize the kids looks for prom. Most successfully and in one instance, the dress for 2011, a fail. In the case of the dress, the picture looked lovely. The problem was both the fit and the color variation emphasizing the midsection in an unflattering way. We were able to find a nice second dress and already had the perfect accessories to match.

The little extras we have picked up have always made the look. Hopefully, this year is no different. This year is Charles' junior prom. We went with the traditional tux with black vest and bought red accents from etsy sellers. The red and white damask bow-tie is from Cloutseu. It add a sofisticated look for prom. We also went with the silk origami butterfly boutonniere. It replaces both the floral boutonniere and the pocket silk. It also adds personality and can be worn in other settings. I also bought a coordinating broach that can be added to a corsage if he chooses to go with someone after all. These were made by SewSmashing and she offers free swatches if you need to match a dress. To personalize the look even more, he chose the tardis cuff links. They were made by BohemianCraftsody.

Guys can put personality in their prom look too. Even if you are coordinating your look with your date, cuff links are a great way to express who you are. There has also been a debate on whether you should wear a boutonniere or corsage when going stag. Each of my kids have gone, or plan to, go stag at least once. They have all had a corsage or boutonniere to coordinate with their look. Yes, it is tradition to buy your dates flowers, but wearing them goes back further than the prom. A boutonniere finishes the look and can still be used to add style to an every day suit. 

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