This time of year my tomatoes have taken over the garden bed and have become unruly. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten very many tomatoes yet. The ones I kept are late producers. I usually try to have roma's or cherry tomatoes to fill in the gap. This year i gave both of my cherry tomatoes away. I do have one cherry tomato that I grew from seed but they take longer as well. All that is left in my garden are the tomatoes and herbs, as well as a couple potato plants to harvest. 

My neighbor has been giving me zucchini and cucumbers so I have been eating a lot of those lately. Hopefully my tomatoes wont come all at once this year. If they do I might have to can some. Last year I froze them and have been adding them to my zucchini and pork roast. I think next year I will try to pinch off the suckers in hopes to get earlier tomatoes. I also want to get tomato cages to support them. Maybe I can grow some fall vegetable too.

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