This morning I woke up determined to harvest some violas for pressing. Saddly when I went outside i noticed that they had been munched on. all the flowers has bites out of the petals. It is a new developement, but has me concerned that they might attack my garden next. I can just imagine all of my salad greens riddled with holes. I dead headed the violas to encourage a new crop of blossoms, but need to deal with this pest. After some research, I feel it is likely a cutter worm that feeds at night. I plan to pick off any I find at night, but I do work nights so I need another solution as well. I do have a insecticidal spray, but don't want to harm any potential bees or friendly insects. I have tried to initiate companion planting to minimize garden pests. I plan to make a tobacco, biodegradable dish soap, and water solution or tea. I plan to use J.R. Watkins brand dish soap. If that doesn't work then I will try Dipel before resorting to something stronger. While tobacco is not considered organic, it is preferred to a petrolium based product that does not differentiate between pests and helpers.

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