So far, no one has died this year. This is my third year working on my birthday and each year someone had died. While I didn't have to worry about that, I did have an emotional night. Last week we had a potluck for someone else's birthday and the same people were working on mine. When my mother asked what I wanted for my birthday I asked for a ready made chocolate cake for work. She ordered a large decorated cake for after work. OK, that's fine I will have cake with the kids and bring leftovers tonight. So I had to find something else to bring. I made a fancy salad with fruit and edible flowers. I was the only one to bring anything. I am the one who makes baby hats for the expectant mother's and buys souvenirs for my office mates, but no one thought to follow through. I was disapointed, but tearing up was a bit much. Maybe it was hormones I am turning 41.

This morning on my way home the first thing I noticed was a rainbow back-dropped by a red cloud. Most of the sky was red. I wish I had my camera. I noticed red foliage as well. Is it that late already, my garden is just barely getting started?

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