I have part of the garden planted and picked up a garden blanket incase we have a cold night. I need to get the rest of it in. I get so excited about the tastey treats and the beauty a garden brings. I am always tempted to buy more. I am short on space and money so I try to control myself.

I have alot of work related expences coming up. I have an excess of CEU's I need to get. With the challenge that the respiratory board limits the amount of online courses but finding seminars can be both a challenge and expensive. I also need to decide if I am going to try to take my RRT exams. f I pass I get a free pass on my CEU's. However it is expensive and if I fail I will need that money to get them. Also Alex is graduating soon and I have a party to plan. My has had some non-news, more testing. Her medical bills are starting to build so she is feeling the crunch as well.

I am taking a few things into concideration to save on money. Most of these things are also environmentally friendly.  They often require more work as well. I am also considering raising small livestock. While we are discussing it, I made the kids watch a humane killing of a rabbit without the butchering. I watched the full video. We need to understand what it entails before we even concider our options. I am not convinced this would be a viable option for us.

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