My family likes to go to movies all together. My sister knows I hate this. I guess I have complained enough. Why would I hate to spend quality time with my family? First, my sisters are always late. Either they can’t seem to get out the door or they have plenty of time so they go shopping first. I am always early so I am the one stuck waiting, until my mother gets there. She has learned to get there just on time as she hates to wait alone too. So now it is my mother, my children and myself waiting. My mother buys her popcorn and I send her in to find seats with my kids while I am waiting, not very patiently for my sisters. Of course I am on my cell trying to get a ETA. Finally one sister arrives then the other. So we go find my mother who is saving seats for our group of 12. We settle in as the movie is starting or started as it may be. I sit back and try to take in the show. Then my sister pulls out her bags of candy that she smuggled in and starts passing that around, then the other sister is back from concessions with popcorn and drinks for all the kids and it needs passed around. Yes the movie has started and yes it is distracting and saddly yes this will happen over and over through the movie. Around this time my nephew is starting to get restless. He is four now, but he has always gone to the movies with us. Oddly, it is usually my daughter and I who try to keep him from wandering around a wacking his sibblings and cousins in the head. So I am sitting there with a child in my lap and a sucker dangerously waving in my face, until he wants my daughter again. Don’t even ask about the restroom breaks after all that soda. The movie ends and my stomache hurts from too much candy and junk, and the stress from this quality time with my family.

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