I have alot of memories of Cattle Congess from when I was a child. Not just the rides, but the exhibits too. I loved the life size butter sculptures, the animals, vegetable, and crafts. I took the kids this year, it was their 100 year anniversary.

When I brought up NCC with the kids we had a different idea of how things would go. In the end we  went friday evening before I had to go in to work. With limited time and the late hour, we had to limit our activities. I allowed one ride Alex chose the zipper, my ride of choice as a teen. I remember getting stuck on it while it was repaired. I didn't know why we were sitting still but my mother was not impressed with the impromptu maintenance. The boys decided to play a game instead. Charles played the balloon/dart game, another fav frm my past. Danny played the game where you toss a wiffle ball onto a canning jar. They each won a small stuffie.

We did go through the barns. I was impressed with the various animals. In perticular the rippling muscled bull and the hairy sheep. They had been sheered so it is difficult to tell from the pictures. Basically they grow curly locks of hair instead of wool. I also liked the lincoln and corridale.

You cannot go to the fair without snacks. I had a walking taco and cheese curds, and of course lots of taffy. Mmmm. Charles was my photographer.

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