I have been busy lately. When Alex moved out i decided it was time to shake things up. I started in her room, packing clothes, bagging trash. I barely made a dent when my sister, Donna came for a visit. We had a nice time although brief. It felt like it was over before it started.

Then my washer flooded, which happens to be in the same room I am trying to clean out. I am making some headway with the laundry which felt insurmountable even before it was a soggy mess. Perhaps if I had more help like I had asked? Pointless to go there. I am trying to depend less on the kids.

Why am I depending less on them when things seem so out of control? Because when I depend on them to help it doesn't get done. I remind them again, still it isn't done then we both dig in our heals. If I am in the mind set that I am on my own, perhaps more will get done. Hence the shaking things up.

I am also trying to declutter, but that takes time. I have so many clothes that don't fit. I have been gaining weight again. Yea, me. I sent some scrubs to a pregnant coworker. Yes, I just admitted my too small scrubs are perfect for a developing baby belly. So I have my clothes, Alex's clothes she didn't want, her friends clothes all have to go. I was putting some off as they needed washed to donate and I didn't want to toss the good stuff. With everything a mess I am washing indiscriminately and tossing what is left. I still have to finish sorting the clean so it is on

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