I started this last year after abit of research. I tried to maximise success without purchasing anything for this. I started with a insulated tub and a reflector. To tilt it to optimize the sun's rays, I used a block to prop one side.

This did seem to work well, but I decided to use the broken Foosball table as a base for it. This also leaves space for a plate or tray for drinks. It needs constant attention to turn or tip it toward the sun. I like to get out the wading pool for the kids and enjoy something cold to drink.

This year I decided it needed a little love. I replaced the flimsy acrylic window with leftover Plexiglas, spray painted the inside of the table, added a utensil holder and a rod for tilting the cooker. I added taller temporary legs, but need more screws and my drill to finish them. I also need these for a better fix for the window.

The reflector still needs some love. I need to replace two sides. It should be functional at this point though. I had used cardboard for the reflector as it is cheep, but also because it is light weight and it can fold flat for storage.

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