I have been spending alot of my time and money trying to create an outdoor oasis. Perhaps too much time and money. The inside needs some serious work. I did make a few improvements. I removed the heavy, dark curtains and hung up new blinds. Granted one of the blinds have been snapped in two, already. It is currently nailed in place until I can replace it again. I also filled in the holes in the wall in the laundry room, again. There are other walls that need patched as well. I have reduced some clutter by donating to the church yard sale. It barely made a dent. Unfortunately, some things are going to have to be hauled to the dump.

Honestly, who wants to deal with that when you can recline on the hammock outside and enjoy the brease. I have managed to declutter my patio, plant my garden edgings, and potted several palms. I hung my candle chandelier, which was cluttering my closet and put the bird bath in use as a side table.

One of my favorite improvements is my new grill/smoker. Now I can spend more time out here. This was definitely worth spending my vacation money on. As I hope to enjoy it for years to come. Now if I can just get the inside done.

I spend a lot of time too doing spring cleaning... however thanks to some tips and trategies i was able to reduce dramatically the hours spent on doing that... For me donating stuff was huge. I got rid of clutter and felt better at the same time.


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