We have had strong winds that have tossed my hammock several times. I had to take everything in, we had a tornado watch. Normally that is the most thought we put into it, until it changes to a warning.  Of course we hate those at work because we have to pull patients and even a few beds into the hallway. Then search down extension cords for vetilators and O2 tanks. Then reverse everything when they give the all clear. Mostly this is preventive. Don't get me wrong we've seen the destruction from some serious storms, but the majority down a few trees and that is about it. Phyllis, my ex-mother-in-law, is not so cavelier. In the past she has been resistant to visiting during peak tornado season. Unfortunately, with graduation you can't be picky. Needless to say, she mentioned tornadoes several times during dinner. Thankfully, the weather cooperated

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