Is there one person, who helps things run smoothly, who seems to be the heart of your home? With me working all the time Alex filled that roll. I may have been the idea man and the one with resources to make things happen, but she was my right hand man. She was the helper, I need to find something quick before work, it is her I can depend on. Charles has a hard time getting up inthe morning and she will stay on him until he is up. She was our confidant. With her gone, Charles and I are already struggling. I have all these ideas I want to share, I keep wondering what I am  going to do without her. Charles is no better off. He kept calling her yesterday, hoping she would visit. He had me wake him up this morning, I woke him up and then went back to bed. Later this morning I heard him rushing out, just in time for class, but too late for working the breakfast line.

We both are going to have to make some adjustments. Charles doesn't like to stay home alone while I work nights. I am thinking about getting a cat to keep him company. Until, we figure out the chores I am adjusting the groceries list. Danny however is fine with it, he claimed her room. No more sleeping on th

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